Jinan 1953 tea culture creative industrial park

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Scenic background

 Jinan 1953 tea cultural and creative industrial park is a key cultural industrial park in Jinan. The park covers an area of 80 mu and has a construction area of 50,000 square meters. It was built by Jinan Guangyou Group Company and completed in May 2014.

    The Creative Industrial Park was rebuilt on the basis of some of the construction facilities of the former Shandong branch of China Commercial Warehousing Corporation (now Jinan Guangyou Group Corporation) . During the first five-year plan period of the state, built in 1953 in accordance with the design drawings of the Soviet assisted construction project, with a total of 18 warehouses and six platforms; the industrial railway with steam locomotive and green cars is 1100 m long, it's a branch of the People's Liberation Army 711 military line.

    On the basis of the original architectural style, the park was transformed into a creative design incorporating modern artistic elements. The park highlights the cultural creativity of tea, purple Sand Culture, Mahogany culture, jade culture, ceramic culture, calligraphy and painting art, Tea Planting, picking, on-site processing and so on, to create a collective experience, tourism, leisure, shopping in one of the tea cultural and creative brands.

Jinan 1953 landscape
Jinan Guangyou tea city
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