Guangyou property branch


  Guangyou property company, formerly known as Taurus Hotel, is a first-class hotel with complete facilities and excellent service, with food, accommodation, travel, commodity trading, negotiation, information exchange and convenient tour of the full range of service functions. In September 1986 opened for trial business, September 1987 official business. It was merged in 1987 and changed its name to Jinan Commercial Storage and Transportation Trade Corporation. After Guangyou group was formally listed in 2000, the form and function of Real Estate Company changed with it, closely attached to the enterprise development plan. Guangyou property company is located at No. 88 Jiluo Road, south of Qilu Shoe City, north of Luokou garment city, east of Lantau Peak, Biaoshan, west of the beautiful scenery, exotic animals of the zoo opposite. Under the leadership of the leaders at all levels of the Guangyou group, the scale of operation has been expanding and the operating income has been increasing.

Business Development

Property companies under two operating areas, divided into the North district, the south district, the total number of households reached 19. North Area Management Jurisdiction: Jiluo Road No. 88 and the second-floor Auxiliary building, Beiyuan Road No. 677, Xixinhe Zhuang No. 77, service households 10, operating area of nearly 8,000 ping. Southern District Business Jurisdiction: 363 Jinger road, Shunxiang Street 2-3, Wansheng Street 96, Weixier Road 41, service households 9, operating area of more than 2,000 ping.

Business Characteristics

With a history of 100 years, the old site of the letter is located in the Jinger road no. 363, with the Typical Jinan old commercial port area architectural features. After the previous renovation, the old building not only retained the old vicissitudes of life, but also endowed with modern practical functions. West adjacent to the West market, east by Weilu viaduct, north by Jingyi road extension line, is located in the second road bustling downtown, a strong business environment. The 363 courtyard, which combines the aesthetic quality of the old buildings with the practicality of the reconstruction, has a new vitality and is a strong witness of Guangyou people inheriting the ancient assets to achieve sustainable development.

  Job Type

Adhere to the "people-oriented" management concept; adhere to the "Intimate Service" service purpose; adhere to the "practical, pragmatic" work style; adhere to the "pioneering and innovative, keep pace with the Times" Work Ideas;

In June 2008, according to the Group Company "actively explore, expand business" ideas and requirements, in No. 411-1 Zhangzhuang road outside a rental space, the first attempt to use external resources to achieve a breakthrough in income generation;  

"Fuchengxindongji" , in accordance with the needs of enterprise development and government cultural construction, and in the face of great flight resistance and difficulties, tries to make use of various methods and means, in a very short period of time to complete the relocation of the owners of the mobilization, space vacated, follow-up disposal, preliminary construction and other links;

According to the group's established guidelines, the former "Hong Kong and Taiwan Tower" business premises at 677 Beiyuan road will do well in the preparation work of "handing over before leasing" , sign the "leasing contract" with the new lessee as scheduled, and straighten out the originally complicated leasing relationship, north Park road assets smoothly completed the handover, land, assets quality and quantity to the group rail, into the group re-management.

Investment Promotion

The investment promotion work at No. 363 Jinger road has been launched in an all-round way, calling on all employees to spare no effort, in multiple directions and through multiple channels, make every effort to expand and attract businesses, and actively invite businesses to move in. After a period of time, a large-scale screening of high-quality businesses has been carried out, finally selected a strong, rich capital, cultural atmosphere of the Great Wall Industrial Company signed the "lease contract. ". In order to adapt to the operation of their respective business districts, businesses design and renovate and decorate the original buildings with high-grade, brand and grade as the main body. To this end, with the help of the relevant competent departments, the property company has made contact with the district fire brigade, the City Management Office under the office, the law enforcement squadron, the municipal team and the power supply department, actively assisting the business households to go through the relevant procedures, ensuring the business households'early entry and smooth operation.


In 2001, it was awarded as a double civilization unit, in 2002, it was awarded as an advanced unit, in 2003, it won the third prize, and in 2004, it won the third prize In 2005, "Labor" competition was awarded as an advanced collective; in 2005, "Safety Cup" competition won the third prize; Guangyou property company each year has advanced individuals by the group awarded such honorary titles as Pacesetter, expert, etc. .