Brief introduction of Jinan Guangyou tea city
To make tea, tea party friends
Jinan Guangyou Tea City is affiliated to Jinan Guangyou Logistics Distribution Group Co. , Ltd. . It was completed and put into operation in 2002. Over the years, through continuous upgrading and transformation, we have successively built 40,000 square meters of "Guangyou shopping square" and 30,000 square meters of "Jinan 1953 tea cultural and creative industrial park" . Hirotomo's tea city has an operating area of 100,000 square meters. The Tea City has nearly 1,000 merchants from tea-growing areas across the country, including Taiwan Province, radiating most of the north of the Yangtze River, guangyou tea city was named "the top ten tea, tobacco and wine trading markets" , "National Green Market" , "Jinan key cultural industrial park" .

Jinan 1953 tea cultural and creative industrial park, affiliated to Jinan Guangyou Group, is a key cultural industrial park in Jinan, has been declared a national AAA tourist attractions. The scenic spot is located at 46 Zhangzhuang road, Huaiyin District (the center of the tea culture commercial district) , with convenient transportation and strong tea culture. The entire scenic area covers an area of nearly 180 acres, construction area of about 100,000 square meters, with nearly 200 tourism experience exhibition hall, more than 30 major attractions, highlighting the characteristics of Tea Culture Tourism and leisure. Industrial Park architectural style follows the original "soviet-style warehouse" features, on the basis of retaining the original warehouse architectural elements, creative design and integration with modern art. The scenic spot has retained two commercial and storage special branches of the historic People's Liberation Army unit 711 industrial railway, and the remaining platforms and platform depots are equipped with steam locomotive and green-leather carriages, the busy scene and individual character scene of commodity circulation in the early days of the People's Republic of China present a scene of ancient simplicity and modern beauty.